Friday, August 29, 2008

ch - 1 year to go....

Tonight sees the opening and private view of the Margaret Street MA courses. I'll be attending alongside hundreds of others... what this draws to my attention is that: a) In a years time it will be me, two years work and research laid out for discussion and constructive criticism. b) this blog has been operational for a year. c) I realy need to get some work done.

My dissertation is finished, the first draft at least, it's due in by 4:30pm on the 17th September. It's 300 words over-budget but that's why they call it a first draft, after talking it through with the tutors I may be able to shave most of that off, although I think that what I've written is as succinct as it possibly can be. The title is: "Space Art: Exploring New Worlds and Art Practices In Relation to Smooth and Striated Space." It may be the first draft but i've already changed things massively - everyday!

**** Chris' Tip of the Week **** Chris' Tip of the Week **** Chris' Tip of the Week ****

When writing an essay or dissertation I find it easier to concentrate on a section at a time - I write each section in a different word file - in a different colour - and periodically bring sections together in a 'master' copy. Keep the colours different and as you edit the text or move bits around you can see which bits are where and how the structure of the work progresses. I find this easier than writing the essay in one long section.

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