Monday, January 14, 2008

ch - Just Another Monday

After a busy week last week away from Margaret street, I thought it best to pop into Uni today to find out if anything is happening. I havent got a tutorial coming up anytime soon, but I now know that I've got a Group crit on the 25th May and have to present a Studio Seminar some time in June. I've got plenty of Time to get those sorted. In the meantime I'm still working on my practical work and have got a bit done since the last time I posted, although I still don't know exactly what I'm going to do with the stuff i've got, but there are a few ideas swimming around.

When I got to Uni I walked through the pair of swing doors and on the floor in the middle of the atrium was a clear perspex box and within the box was a nearly naked woman surrounded by a few chunks of meat and a few (what appeared to be) legs of lamb which were tied up with string contorting the flesh of these parcels. The woman was similarly tied and contorted and lay motionless in the open topped 'coffin.' What I hadn't noticed the first time I saw it (I needed to got to the library so came back) was that the floor of the box was completely covered in maggots. Writhing under and over each other, a squirming, jiggling mattress on which the woman had lain. The smell was also something to note, I don't know quite what it is about maggots but they stink, but as a piece of art that's presumably part of it - obviously the artist is dealing with issues surrounding death and decay - in that case I suggest that the smell is an important re-inforcement of these ideas. By the time I'd come back from the canteen (the coffee machine was calling) the artist and her entourage were gone, leaving behind them a box full of maggots and a disgruntled tutor complaining to the security guard about the by now overwhelming odour.

It has to be said though after almost 5 years at Art School I have become somewhat desensitised to this kind of scene.

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