Thursday, January 24, 2008

ch - visiting lecturer Michael Schwab

Yesterday we were treated to a lecture from Michael Schwab, the Alexia Goethe Gallery website ( says this about him :

Michael Schwab is a German research led practitioner. Originally a photographer, his work breaches narrow definitions of media as he focuses on post-conceptual uses of technology. Apart from photography, he employs drawing, installation art, painting and printmaking to produce his work that is often conceptually developed on the computer.

From this description you can probably tell that I was thrilled to discover that he classes himself as a post-conceptualist..... so do I! It was the first time ever at Margaret Street that a lecture has been given by someone who's practice is close to my own. He employs computer technology to work things out and model various installations to see how they will work... he even works alongside a Mathematician in the creation of some of his work! Its great because he is sticking around until Easter as part of the faculty staff. I'm sure our paths will cross at some stage.

It was a really good lecture, mainly a look through some of his most recent work completed as part of a research led PHD and him explaining how he views art as a way to gain more understanding - over the creation of "nice looking objects." Fantastic!

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