Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ch - My first day

It was like I'd never left, walking back into the College Building at Margaret Street. The security guard was still there,
"Morning", I said cheerily.
"Alright Mate, good to see ya." He replied in a thick Birmingham accent.
He returned to watching the 4 grainy black and white monitors and I signed in.
Infact it had only been about 12 weeks since I'd been at Uni. Collecting the sealed envelope that embodied all that I had worked for over the previous 3 years. The place was still as friendly and inviting as it had always been; the same faces, the smell that seems to pervade all Art colleges - Oil Paints and coffee.

I made my way to the canteen and plonked myself down on the comfy chairs. Always go for a comfy chair - especially if you have to walk form your house to the train station, stand up on the train because people somehow think that a rucksack needs to find a comfortable chair by the window, and then walk through the centre of Birmingham dodging scarily bubbly people who ask you "Have you ever taken a personality test?!" For the uninitiated, these people turn out to be Scientologists - who try to get you to attend meetings and buy books.

Anyway, I was sat there for a few minutes when the head of the MA course came in and ushered us through to the Lecture theatre. It was a welcome meeting, introducing us to the various lecturers and proffessors and support staff that we would be no doubt working alongside over the next couple of years. - I'm doing my MA on a Part time basis, purely because I don't want to rush the experience and feel I can get a lot more out of it over 2 years.

"I would provide you all with a copy of the course handbook" said the course director, "but they've delivered the wrong ones"

Tomorrow we've got Inductions.

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