Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ch - Monday 22nd October

The train was on-time, for once, so I got into Uni with a couple of hours to spare before my Contemporary Philosophical Aesthetics Lecture. I spent the time sat reading the material we had been given last week to refresh my memory as to what we were discussing. It helped, as much as it could, but it's still heavy going. At 6:30pm it was time to wander over to the lecture theatre, throwing my coffee cup into the bin ( I had a feeling I was going to need the caffeine ) I ambled across the concourse and found a seat near the front.

It was a very good lecture and I actually gleaned a bit of information from it, which was a bit of a surprise seeing as I'd had a hard time reading the material. I always find that I take things in better verbally.

Walking back to the station at 8:15pm I began to mull over what was discussed in the lecture; Affect and Percept, The Deleuzian view of Art's creation and how Art can be considered as far from just a human activity or invention. Apparently there is a species of Bird in Australia which creates Art. By all accounts it arranges leaves in patterns for no puropose other than it has an impulsion to do so. This was quite interesting and questions the role of Artist as gifted genius. Then it took an even stranger turn and we were discussing the notion that the movement of Tectonic plates could be considered as the Earth making Art?! I'm going to have to go away and really think about this!

Oh and another tip from me to you: I've started to keep a 'Vocab Book,' like we used to have for French at School. Every time I hear or read a word I dont understand ( could be an ism or whatever, usually a long word!) I write it down and find an explanation of it in the dictionary or online. This is going to help when it comes to start writing, and it keeps me sane!

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