Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ch - Tutorials and Talks

At 10am I had my first tutorial with my Tutor, an Artist with FA Projects. I had been one of his students in the second year of my Degree and he had really helped me turn a corner with my work. We sat in his office ( as a part time student I don't get a studio space, which is fine by me as it's going to save me a whole pile of cash in the end!) and discussed what I wanted to do on the course and what my work was about. He had asked me to bring along a CD containing images of my work, which I did, and he asked me to explain what each piece/image was about. It's not until someone asks you to talk about your work that you realise how much you actually do know. An attack of Pringles(R) syndrome; Once I got started I couldnt stop. Consequently our meeting over-ran which I don't think impressed the next student.

That afternoon I had to deliver a presentation to all the other MA Students about my work, what I'd done that morning but to a much larger crowd. This surprisingly didnt faze me and again I found myself rambling on. Whilst talking about my piece "Canine Concerto In Middle C." ( a piece where I made a flute from a dogwhistle and performed a rendition of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' on it. The idea being that the flute would make inadible music that only the dogs could hear. They seemed to enjoy it.) I caught the course director smiling a rather broad smile - I do hope that's a good sign!

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