Monday, October 22, 2007

np - The MA so far - WEEK 1 & 2

WEEK one consisted of introductions and a formal lecture welcoming us to the college.
During the second week we all arrived eager to get cracking, our main tutor escorted us all out of the campus and we went on a walk around West Park and the surrounding area, perplexed we all followed, we stopped and the tutor bought us all a tea at a quant tea house in the centre of the park, there we were set this project;

Develop a new work based on the area of Wolverhampton you have circled on the map. As suggested above the work can take any form (film,photography, installation, painting etc), but should be made in response to the situation. Seminars, tutorials, lectures and critics will be held to support the development of your work. We all took it in turns to draw a circle on our maps and we all set off to walk our indervidual walks.

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