Thursday, November 1, 2007

ch - Group Tutorial

I arrived at Uni at 9:30am and went and sat in the canteen. After resting my legs for about half an hour I decided I'd wander around the 1st and 2nd year BA studios to see what (if anything) was going on. There were a handful of students in and as I made my way through the plasterboard labyrinth I spotted a few pieces of exceptional work - to be honest, something I wasnt expecting to see so early in their time here, took me quite by surprise!

At 11:00 it was time for our first Group tutorial of the course... one problem though... the students whose work we were supposed to be looking at hadn't turned up. Our tutor suggested that we go and sit in the canteen and see what happened - he'd come and get us if and when they arrived. 12:00 rolled around... still no sign... 1:00pm... still no sign... by now our tutors we're getting slightly annoyed (perhaps an understatement) as no word of their whereabouts had been recieved. How long does it take to send a quick email to let us know that they weren't coming? Our course director went off and made a couple of phone calls, and came back with the news that the first student was on Jury duty at some courthouse and the second had put their back out lifting heavy rocks and would be laid up for another week?! What a waste of our time. There was another tutorial scheduled for 4:00pm.. it deserves its own post...

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