Thursday, November 29, 2007

ch - The Last CPA Lecture....

Monday rolls around again and I find myself sat in the comfy chair zone at Uni again. You may remember that about 2 weeks ago I saw what I thought was a Rat scurry across the canteen floor along the heating pipes... Well, It turns out (after earwigging a conversation) that I'm not the only one to have seen him/her. Apparently the canteen lady had seen it this morning and ever since has refused to go down to that end of the canteen!

Anyway, today was the last CPA lecture that I have to attend, although the tutor is running another series of Philosophy lectures next semester which I may attend. This weeks lecture was partly about Animality in Art, interesting as it may be it was kind of a departure from what we had been learning about in the preceeding weeks. I have to say that I didn't find it as interesting and found myself zoning out from time to time imagining the portion of Cod and Chips that would be waiting for me on the journey home. Some of it was really interesting though, we returned to the discussion of the Lascaux Caves and the paintings therein - It didn't seem to make sense to start virtually a whole new topic in the last lecture, but then he mentioned he would be doing another set of lectures so this was a taster of things to come.

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