Saturday, February 23, 2008

np - London visit.

A fantastic couple of days in the capital - I attended a Graphic Design conference in Leicester Square at the Odeon, we heard from Sir George Cox amongst others talking about the Cox report and the future of the creative industries. That all got a bit anal and the hipocracy of the ad men and copy writers was wearing a little thin. Luckily I found some time to myself and snaked my way around London and saw some fantastic work. 1st. Rodchenko. In brief this left me a little cold - I also felt a little uncomfortable with the assosiations with the current Russian dynamic, most of the works are owned by Abromovich, only with the unfolding of modern history will show the ethics behind the relationship between an arts institute and a olygarch? Then downstairs at the Hayward, a fantastic exhibition of humour - highlights - Doug Fishbourne and Markus Coates.
3rd - Poped into the National Gallery to see the Forth Plinth proposals.
4th - ICA - Double Agent exhibition a brilliant piece by Barbera Visser. And then to top it all off, I met up with Kate Forde the curator who gave me a tour around the Wellcome collection. Perfect!


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