Friday, February 15, 2008

ch -Lead Balloon

A regular party balloon is cast in Lead. Unlike a party
balloon this sculpture will be solid, taking merely its
shape. There will be no air or any other gas inside the
piece. On Earth, this sculpture can exist as a Lead object
on the floor, but if/when taken aboard the Space Shuttle or
the ISS would float very much like a real balloon. The
characteristics of the material (in terms of weight) alter
with the change in environment. It is a slightly humorous
play on the adage, “That will go down like a Lead Balloon.”
In my view, this work explores changes in gravity and the
realm of zero-gravity in a rather poetic way.
The following image is a visualisation of the sculpture as
it may appear if taken to the Moon, where it would weigh
one sixth of its Earth weight.