Monday, February 4, 2008

ch - iVoyager

I have recently begun work on a new project as part of my Fine Art practice - iVoyager. I aim to collect thousands of images, videos, sounds etc. gathered from artists and other interested parties around the world. Everything will be stored on a 160GB iPod® and perhaps sometime in the future will be sent into space.

This is an ongoing, two year project to collect a whole new body of information images, sounds, videos, podcasts, games, infact anything that can be played or viewed on an iPod®.

The original Voyager discs were sent up in 1977 though... it is safe to say that our knowledge and technology has moved on considerably since then and with the advent of portable multimedia centres like the iPod®, it is high time a more up to date version was created...

more info (how you can get involved) can be found at:

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