Sunday, February 24, 2008

Artists impressions - data transfered by C.Hodson

Last week we were sent these images, they came in a shroud of mystery, we are investigating, but on this evidence of a type of art work on the moon NOT OF HUMAN CREATION:

"J. Doe, J. Doe and I are all amateur astronomers, we are really competitive and have been feverishly mapping the Lunar surface for some time now and have been studying the moon in the run up to this weeks total eclipse. We have been particularly interested in Christopher Hodson's Kepler area. The Lunar mountain in the lighted upper east side of the moon, the web has been an excellent tool in recent years and has helped us in our mapping project. NASA and The US Department of the Interior Geographical Survey have been photographing the moon for some time. Only in the last two years have these images been loaded up (most of them are from the 60's and 70's.) on the web, the images are loaded up slowly and we are always the first to download them anyway, last Thursday John was on a flight back from a Tokyo astronomical conference when he received the latest downloads, without notice they made the attached files available on the web, fortunately John received them in real-time, by the time he touched down and met us back at our HQ they had been removed, Thankfully John downloaded them. We have tried to contact NASA as we have friends there, officially they have told us that if we have any files they are the work of hoaxers who have recently hacked into their site, we know this not to be true as our associates on the inside. One of our agents has obtained further evidence in a film of the files. When it is safe we will send it out, can you disseminate this information in the U.K? We’ve analysied the patterns in the dust they seem to resemble our own crop circles found throughout the globe. If you are interested in this story can you not mention our links to the people on the inside, also please don’t use our real names as we are pretty sure NASA are trying to block out our IP addresses."

J.Doe, J.Doe & J.Doe

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