Friday, February 15, 2008

ch - Moon Proposals

So, since before Christmas I've been trying to develop ideas for artistic projects that could be carried out in Space, with particular emphasis on the Moon.

In order to give the work some kind of definite context, I went and bought a 1 acre plot of land on the Moon - it's at 32'W 14'N a few km away from a crater called Kepler. I've modelled the landscape (after I found a detailled map) with a 3d package, the result of which you can see above.

One of the proposals I think works the best out of all of them (so far) is a piece called Lead Balloon which will be highlighted in the next post.

One other proposal involves me dividing my 1 acre plot in smaller plots, within the rules lain down by the Lunar Embassy (yeah..I had no idea one existed either!) it states that I cannot sell my plot to anyone else, but there is nothing in the rules about me allowing others to run/work within parts of the land I own. The whole area of land is 63.3 x 63.3m , i'm considering a proposal where the plot is subdivided into smaller plots just under 4 x 4m which would provide me with 250 smaller plots. I'm quite open to receiving proposals from anyone who may want to use this land.

Some feedback from Roger Malina (Leonardo/OLATS, MIT) has led me to realise I'm being quite conservative with the proposals, he commented that the ones I've already formulated are too much like art seen on Earth. I can definitely see his point and am endeavouring to work with more radical, completely site specific works.

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rmalina said...

yes- its a generic question i have when i see new art forms= was there a simpler way to create the same sensory experience, does the work really draw on its context. art on the moon wont really peek my interest unless it is really site specific !!
roger malina